We want to improve patients' quality of life, while closing the gender pain gap.

We want to break taboos on intimate pain. Together.

Sharing is caring, especially when nobody talks about it. We created a cohesive community to share knowledge and experiences.

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Shaping the future of gender medicine, one step at a time.

Female bodies have been overlooked for too long: that’s why we know so little. We are on a mission to give everyday, concrete solutions to patients and contribute to research in the field.

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Our mission is deeply personal — we have been there.

We created Hale because we couldn't understand why we felt so lonely when there were so many other people facing the same problem.

Hale is the solution we wished we could have found when we were struggling.

Backed by strong scientific expertise

We leverage science and technology to boost your wellness. Our content is crafted by experts in psychology, sexology and gynecology that have been working long in the field of female pain.

Zoe Sever

Sexologist, Clinical Advisor and Researcher

Sonia Ponzo

Cognitive Psychologist and Digital Health Expert

Luca Bello

Gynecologist specialized in sexual dysfunction and sexually transmitted infections

Powered by studies and research

Sex and gender biases in artificial intelligence

Most of the currently used biomedical AI technologies do not account for bias detection, and the design of algorithms ignore sex and gender.

ACT for women living with Vulvodynia

Pain, sexual outcomes, and processes of change improved in most women following Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Digital behavioural health treatment for chronic pain

Pharmacological interventions are commonly insufficient for producing relief. Behavioural health treatment is key to generate lasting benefits.

We leverage our Halers board to build our products

No solution can be called as such unless it's built with end users in mind. At Hale, patients have been involved since day one.

We leverage our Halers board to build our products

No solution is a real solution if it was not built with final users. At Hale, patients were involved from day one.

Participate in hale research

Whether you're a patient, a scientist or a research organization, we welcome you to reach out. Your contribution could shape the next wave of advancements in gender medicine.